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If you’re looking to fix your gummy smile, improve the health of your gum tissue, or prepare for restorative care, crown lengthening can set your smile up for success.

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Why Should I Choose Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is one of the best ways to eliminate excess gum tissue from around your teeth, and create a more balanced smile. It can help you restore your appearance and your self-confidence. And in some cases, it’s medically necessary. For example, if you have a damaged tooth that needs a dental crown, the crown lengthening procedure may be necessary to remove some gum tissue and prepare for the crown placement process.

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The results of crown lengthening are permanent, so your smile will look more even, balanced, and beautiful for a lifetime.

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Picasso+ Diode Laser

Traditional crown lengthening is done using a scalpel. With our state-of-the-art Picasso+ Diode laser, your doctor emits a highly focused beam to remove or reshape the tissue in your mouth. This new technology replaces noisy, invasive tools and can provide an efficient and comfortable experience.

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Enhance Your Smile

If a gummy smile is preventing you from smiling with confidence, crown lengthening may be able to transform your smile in a single visit. By removing and shaping your gum tissue, your periodontist can craft a smile that shows off less pink and more of those pearly whites.

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American Board Of Periodontology Certified

Our doctors are proud to be a board-certified Periodontists. They have undergone extensive education and training to receive this title and is dedicated to helping patients regain their oral health.

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Flexible Payment Options

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Keeping Care Accessible

Everyone deserves to love their smile. That’s why we make it easy to pay for your treatment in a way that fits your budget and lifestyle.

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The Benefits Of Crown Lengthening

Create A Balanced, Appealing Smile

If you have a “gummy” smile, you may feel self-conscious about showing your teeth in social situations. With crown lengthening, your periodontist can expose more tooth material, create a more balanced appearance, and improve your confidence.

Prepare For Other Dental Treatments

If not enough of your tooth is exposed, crown lengthening may be needed to expose more tooth structure in preparation for a dental crown or a similar restoration. It ensures that your follow-up procedure will be successful.

Long-Lasting Results

Crown lengthening treatment is permanent, and will keep your smile healthy and balanced for years to come.

The Crown Lengthening Process


Cleaning & Preparation

To begin, your periodontist will clean your gums and mouth, and numb your mouth with a local anesthetic. Great care will be taken to make sure you feel minimal to no discomfort during the injection, and that you are kept comfortable throughout the procedure.


Removing & Sculpting Gum Tissue

Next, your periodontist will use a soft-tissue laser around your teeth to reshape the gum tissue in the most precise and comfortable way possible. The underlying bone will be shaped to match the new contours of the gum so that the results are permanent. They will follow a custom surgical plan to make sure your new smile looks perfect.


Aftercare & Healing

Once your procedure is done, you’ll be sent home with instructions on how to rest, heal, and recover. Make sure you follow your instructions, and come to our office for any scheduled follow-ups so that your periodontist can check on your healing and recovery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on your insurance policy. Generally, insurers will cover medically necessary crown lengthening, but may not cover the procedure for cosmetic purposes. We will work with you and your insurer to help you learn more about your coverage and limits.

It may take up to 2-3 months for your gums to completely heal. However, you will only have about 2-3 days of downtime after your procedure. After this, you’ll mostly be able to resume your normal day-to-day activities.

You won’t feel any pain during your surgery. But after your numbing wears off, you may feel some discomfort. Your periodontist will give you a set of recovery instructions to follow, which will help you heal more quickly. Typically, you will be asked to rest for 2-3 days and eat soft foods for 1-2 weeks following your procedure. Gum tissues may continue to remodel and heal for 2-3 months after your procedure date. Follow the recovery instructions closely, and take any recommended or prescribed medication as directed.