Dental Services in
Pasadena, CA

Endodontic Microsurgery

Endodontic microsurgery restores the most complex areas of your damaged tooth using advanced techniques and top-of-the-line equipment. This means that even the tiniest canals and areas of your tooth can be accessed and treated, making it possible to save teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

Root Canal Therapy

Toothaches are painful, and can distract you from living your best life. They can also be a sign of a serious infection. Fortunately, root canal therapy can provide you with the relief you need, and with modern techniques, you will be kept comfortable during the procedure. Root canals can help restore the health of your tooth, and save you from a tooth extraction down the road.

Soft Tissue Grafting

Restoring your gums with soft tissue grafting may help to improve the look of your smile, reduce tooth sensitivity, and will provide protection against bone loss and the development of cavities on exposed tooth roots. Thick, healthy gum tissue is also a necessity for long-term health of dental implants and to protect against peri-implant diseases.

Dental Implants

After losing a tooth or having one extracted, it’s important to consider all of your replacement options. Dental implants can restore the functionality of your bite and improve your overall oral health. As one of the most secure and long-lasting tooth replacement options available, dental implants act as a natural part of your smile and replace that missing tooth you’ve been hiding.

Full-Arch Implant Restorations

Full-arch implant restorations are a better alternative to dentures. They are more expensive, but they last much longer, require less special care, and look and feel more natural. Importantly, they will also significantly improve your ability to chew up your food compared to a traditional denture. If you’ve lost most or all of your teeth, full-arch implant restorations may be the best way to get your smile back permanently.

Endodontic Retreatment

Most root canal procedures end in success, but in some rare cases, teeth do not properly heal and become infected. The good news is that there are still options to save the natural tooth even after it has failed to heal or developed significant problems.Through endodontic retreatment, your endodontist will reenter the root canal, remove the filling, and clean the canal again. Then, a filling will seal the space and a new crown will be placed on the tooth. In just one simple procedure, you’ll be able to have a healthy, functional tooth again.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that is performed to increase bone volume and quality in patients who have experienced resorption after tooth loss or need additional bone in their jaw to support a dental implant. Dental implants are the best way to restore missing teeth as they look and feel natural and can last a lifetime with proper care.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is one of the best ways to eliminate excess gum tissue from around your teeth, and create a more balanced smile. It can help you restore your appearance and your self-confidence. And in some cases, it’s medically necessary. For example, if you have a damaged tooth that needs a dental crown, the crown lengthening procedure may be necessary to remove some gum tissue and prepare for the crown placement process.

Periodontal Care

If you suspect that you may need periodontal care, there’s no time like the present to protect your smile and preserve your natural tooth structure. Periodontitis can have damaging effects. In fact, in some severe cases, patients can even end up losing teeth. If you notice any symptoms such as inflamed or bleeding gums, it’s important to seek intervention as soon as possible.


Unhealthy or problematic teeth aren’t good for your oral health. Our team will always try to save your natural teeth, but sometimes a simple, painless tooth extraction is the best way to get your smile back on track. There are many reasons why a patient may need a tooth extracted. The tooth may be cracked down into the root, causing discomfort that can be alleviated with extractions. Some advanced restorative procedures, like dental implants, require the removal of unhealthy teeth. With a gentle technique and local anesthesia or sedation options, teeth extractions can be quick and painless.